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COMBER EARLIES - Have their own unique flavour


Welcome to www.comberearlies.com

This website has been set up to help you understand what PGI status means for Comber Earlies.

Comber Earlies PGI have achieved recognition alongside some of Europe’s most iconic regional food brands, such as Feta Cheese and the Mighty Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. This means that the humble Comber spud has now achieved a much more salubrious position among its peers.

Only potatoes planted, grown and harvested within the indicated geographical area can be marketed as Comber Earlies. Only potatoes harvested in May, June and July are eligible for the status.

Comber Earlies will not only be recognised by the correct description and having the appropriate PGI symbol but every box or bag of potatoes should be marked with a Plant Health Identification number. This is issued by DARD and is specific to each individual farm. This means that each batch can be traced back to the farm where it has been produced. Ards Borough Council, specifically Environmental Health, are responsible for policing this protocol.

Six Month Growing Season

Careful field selection

Primary cultivation begins

Soil Preparation - ensuring a fine earthy tilth

Appropriate application of nutrients and trace elements

Chitted seeds planted

Weed control

Plant emergence

Tuber initation

Maintain plant health

Crop Sampling

Harvest begins

Harvest yields increase

Comber Earlies Festival
Saturday 29th June 2013
Comber Square 10am-4.00pm

Comber Earlies reach maturity

Skins set and plants begin to synense

Harvest ends

The Supply Chain Development Programme is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) . Further information on the programme is available at www.countrysiderural.co.uk