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COMBER EARLIES - What is the Inspiration?


What is the inspiration?

Quite simply, it is the exceptional soil and climate of found in the PGI area that allows us to grow this unique potato.

The area is dominated by Strangford Lough, the largest inlet in the British Isles, most of the region is low lying and the Lough has a powerful moderating affect on winter weather.

Parental material of the soil is Triassic sandstone and gravel meaning the soil is lighter and free draining. Consequently it dries out more rapidly in winter and warms up much quicker in summer.

Protection offered by the Ards Peninsula to the East and the Mourne Mountains to the South along with the South/East location mean that the micro climate of the designated PGI area is both warmer and drier than other parts of Northern Ireland.

The PGI area receives the greatest amount of sunshine, with around 1500 hours per year, and has the longest mean growing season of any part of the province.

Therefore it is easy to see how the unique characteristics of soil, climate and topography in the PGI area all work together to produce our fantastic potatoes.