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COMBER EARLIES - How we grow them


Local Schools were invited to join in the fun with the Comber Earlies celebrations, by turning their hands to growing some Comber Earlies themselves.

Comber Earlies Schools Growing PackComber Earlies Growing Packs were delivered to each school that expressed an interest in joining the growing campaign.

The Packs contained a pot, some compost and some potato chits so the children could start to grow their own Comber Earlies in time for the  Comber Potato Festival.

The Growing packs are a gift from the local growers so there is no charge for the packs – we only ask that your School has a go at growing some Comber Earlies.

If you would like to register to receive a growing pack for your school, simply contact us


Instructions for growing Comber Earlies of the growing instructions for your reference (PDF 325Kb)